Laser cutting tube service done quickly.

 ^ and Sheet Metal!!

EXPRESS laser cut tubing and pipe


Top Reasons to use NTP for YOUR Tube Cutting Needs

  • SPEED- The traditional way of processing tubing requires multiple work centers just to cut the material (tube, pipe, angle iron or channel) to length and to add a hole or cut out to it. Then, it may require additional work to clean up the cuts. Our tube laser service will do all those things in one step and often without secondary clean up operations!

  • PRECISION- Taking the time to make a precise cut with blades that can drift or bend during a cut can be a difficult and time consuming process. Adding holes or notches must be done on a CNC machining center or Drill press with experienced, skilled labor.  Our Tube laser service can hold precision tolerances quickly and easily all in one step.

  • LOCATION- NTP is strategically located in the DFW area which is part of a major US shipping network.  We are central to anywhere in the United States keeping shipping times to a minimum and providing access to a wide range of materials that are often available as soon as the next day from a multitude of suppliers. This keeps our lead times as short as possible.

  • EXPERIENCE- The founding partners of NTP have over a half century of experience in Metal Fabrication and Manufacturing. We know the challenges that fabricators face and can assist with creative solutions to make your fabrication business more profitable and keep your throughput as high as possible. We have over two decades of hands on experience operating lasers so you can be sure you are getting the best cut quality and speed available.

  • PRICING- We promise to give you fair pricing.  We are always happy to discuss what the options are to save you money. 

  • SAVINGS-Tube lasers are very large pieces of equipment that come with very heavy price tags and require skilled, experienced operators.  We purchased ours so you don't have too. Save your money, your space, and  your time and outsource YOUR tube, pipe, angle, and channel parts to NTP!