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NTP is now offering "in house" sheet metal processing

NTP never intended on getting into the sheet metal fabrication arena, after all, there are a ton of really good sheet metal shops out there. Since the creation of NTP we have attempted to leverage our relationships with many sheet metal shops and only concentrate on providing speedy service to those who needed tube laser cutting or products that were constructed entirely out of tube, angle, or channel. However, as time has progressed, it has become increasingly obvious that many times our customers need a mixture of the two. A blend of tube and sheet assembled together in some manner. When these cases would arise, we found it difficult to get quotes out with the speed that our customers had grown accustomed too, and even more difficult to get product out the door in a timely manner and on schedule. We just couldn't rely on others to make our business a success. Therefore, NTP has invested a significant amount of money on state of the art sheet metal processing equipment that is giving us the ability to be less reliant on other companies. We hope you will notice a difference in our ability to quote faster, but also in the speed at which we can build your products. Next time you have a need for custom sheet metal components, look no further than NTP!

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