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Your Premier Full-Service Fabrication Shop Specializing in Tube, Pipe, and Structural Laser Cutting

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At NTP, we've evolved to become a full-service fabrication shop, all while retaining our core specialty in tube, pipe, and structural laser cutting. Our journey began with a simple frustration – the lack of dedicated, flexible, and responsive tube laser cutting services in the market. Today, we've transformed that frustration into a commitment to providing our customers with unrivaled fabrication and laser cutting services.

We understand that businesses need a fabrication partner who can handle diverse requirements – from small runs and non-standard materials, to short lead times and comprehensive services. That’s where NTP stands out. We break the mold of traditional fabrication businesses, offering the agility and customer-centric service you deserve without compromising our laser cutting expertise.

What Sets NTP Apart?

1. Specialized Laser Cutting and Full-Service Fabrication - Our unique blend of full-service fabrication and laser cutting expertise ensures your projects receive the attention and skill they deserve. From tube, pipe, and structural laser cutting to sheet metal processing, we've got you covered.

2. Short Lead Times Tight schedule? No problem. NTP prides itself on its ability to meet your timelines, no matter how challenging.

3. Prototype Design and Drawing Assistance - Our team of experts is ready to assist with prototype design and drawings, ensuring your vision is accurately brought to life.

4. Comprehensive Services - We're not just a fabrication shop. We offer the convenience of processing your materials or providing tubing, structural materials, and sheet metal for processing. Plus, we offer a wide range of additional services to meet your project requirements.

5. Easy Quote Submission - Getting a quote is quick and easy. Upload your drawings or 3D models directly into our quote log via our quote page, or email them to for a prompt response.

Ready for a full-service fabrication partner that prioritizes your needs without compromising on specialization? Let NTP be your trusted resource for all your fabrication and laser cutting needs.

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